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Reiki and Sound Healing

Reiki and Sound Therapies are very complementary modalities. Experience new and creative ways of inviting healing and balancing energy into your life.


Soundbath Experiences

There is such an amazing transfer of energic healing in a group environment. Keeping this in mind I create specialized soundscape experiences for groups up to 30 people.

Prices begin $75 per session


1:1 Sessions

Experience a unique combination of a Reiki session supplemented by singing bowls and sound therapy. All private sessions are personally customized for each client.

Prices start at $140 per session


Space Clearing

Sound and Singing is a wonderful, smoke and scent-free way to clear and lighten physical space. I currently serve South Vancouver and the Municipalities of Delta, Surrey, and Richmond.

Prices start at $350

Hi, I’m Jen

I’m a Reiki Master and Soundscape Artist who works with women seeking a more balanced life through a deeper connection between their body, mind, and spirit.

I used to push my body, my energy, and my spirit to always be on the go. I was always “so busy” and rarely set aside the time for self-care, let alone to honor and celebrate my achievements. Being a professional musician (opera singer), there were even more demands on my body and energy. When I discovered Reiki and later Sound Healing, I was thrilled to bring these two beautiful modalities together to create a space for people to energetically realign. If you have ever experienced a Reiki session, you know how relaxing it can be. I’ve been a Reiki practitioner for over 6 years, and have been musical my entire life. When I trained in Sound Healing Therapy in Dubai, I recognized immediately the benefits of combining the modalities into a therapeutic experience like no other. Sound and the music of the human voice speak to the soul.

What people are saying about their SoundBodySphere Experiences.

Having Jen share her beautiful sound with us is truly a game changer when it comes to offering a yoga class. Often as the teacher, you don’t get the time to enjoy stillness the way a student does, and with Jen performing during Savasana I had nothing else I could possibly do but to lie down and surrender. I wish I could have her every day!

Kyla Gagnon

Personal Trainer, visit Kyla's website

Hello all you beautiful souls! Now that I have come down from the utter BLISS of a Reiki & Sound Healing session with the incredible Jennifer Lang this morning. I have to recommend all of you to experience this truly magical healing session. Words can’t express the experience enough to do it justice, but I felt weightless and connected to the most beautiful source energy.

Larissa Muir

Project Manager

What a delight and honor to have Jen bless us with her singing bowls. Thank you so much Jen, for bathing us in your healing voice and energy.

There is nothing like experiencing Savasana with the vibrations you create.


Tami Wyber

Yoga Instructor

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